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Font Sampler is a small utility to help you view your fonts.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 102K
Developer: dot Software
Price: $0.00
Updated: 10 Feb 2006
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Font Sampler is a small utility to help you view your fonts. Font Sampler allows you to view all your fonts in one big list. It supports different colors of backgrounds and text, size, your own custom phrase to view the fonts in, and the ability to underline the fonts.

Font Sampler does not show bold or italic fonts because that happens inside a typeface.

Snap To Defaults
Sometimes it is easier to start from the default black on white, size 12 setting rather than the blue and yellow size 48 setting you used when you last used Font Sampler. Since it is often easier to start from Font Sampler's default settings, Font Sampler has a button that allows you to bring it to default settings.

Print Your Fonts
With the click of a button you can print off all of your fonts using the default settings. You can print them off for future reference or using the save as PDF button, you can print out what Font Sampler is displaying, send it to a client, and get some feedback.

With Font Sampler's scroll feature you can go through all your fonts, from top to bottom, without doing anything with your mouse. This allows you to concentrate on picking that right font and it can be useful when presenting to a client.

Combo Box
When you type in a phrase for Font Sampler to display, that phrase is cached in a ten item menu. If you want to access something that you used 10 minutes ago then you would simply select that item from the drop down menu.

Quick and Easy
Finding a font shouldn't be hard. It should be easy and quick. Font Sampler allows you to do just that. It gets right to the point so you can find the font you are looking for fast.

What's New:
Crashing problems related to scroll fixed.
Scroll now starts at the top visible row rather than at the top of the font list.
French localization.
Japanese localization.
New scroll icon.

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