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Wirecast is a unique webcasting application.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Vara Software
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Updated: 22 Nov 2006
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Wirecast is a unique webcasting application.

Wirecast offers support for multiple webcams (including iSight), amazing 3D graphics, over 20 built-in professional broadcast quality titles themes, a simple interface, and video effects, Keynote integration, multiple layers, multiple broadcast support, broadcast archiving, and AppleScript support.

Here are some key features of "Wirecast":
Support for multiple web cams: Fill up your Firewire ports with iSight cameras and effortlessly switch between them.
Chroma Key: A high quality, real-time green and blue screen solution is now part of Wirecast.
Multiple Broadcast Support: Wirecast can output your broadcast to any number of destinations in any number of compression formats. You can scale your broadcast from 3G cell phone all the way to DVD quality.
Core Image: New for Mac OS X Tiger is the GPU accelerated Core Image filter and transition library. You can apply an unlimited number of Core Image filters to any layer in your webcast, then move between your shots with beautiful transitions like Ripple and Page Curl. The best part is that you can add Image Units from 3rd party developers to expand your filter library.
H.264: Full support for the next generation video codec, offering extremely high quality, scalable compression for your broadcasts and archives.
Amazing 3D Graphics: Generates amazing transitions and effects in realtime, including crossfade, 3D cube, swinging doors, sliding etc.
Incredible Titles: Over 20 built-in professional broadcast quality titles themes. Pick your favourite, enter your text and you're done. It's just as simple as that. Wirecast takes advantage of the high-quality font rendering capabilities of Mac OS X, so you know its going to look good.
Simple User interface: Controlling a live broadcast can be very challenging -- not with Wirecast. You create your shots before you go live, and when its broadcast time, you simply click the one you want to take it live.
QuickTime Streaming Server Support: Delivering your stream to a larger audience is a couple of clicks away. Send your broadcast to an industry proven QuickTime or Darwin Streaming Server. Both have the power to stream to thousands of viewers. Wirecast produces fully ISO-compliant MPEG-4 video streams, so your audience isn't tied to one platform. Creating a 3GPP broadcast is made easy too.
Keynote Integration: Drag and drop a QuickTime movie exported by Keynote and Wirecast will automatically recognize its slide markers.
Multiple Layers: You want an audio background track, a camera input, a title and company logo in your webcast? No problem, Wirecast makes it easy.
Media Support: Wirecast uses QuickTime, so you can just drag and drop your existing files to integrate them into your broadcasts. No conversion is necessary - they are ready to use instantly.
Broadcast Archiving: You can start and stop archving your broadcast to disk at any point.
AppleScript Support: Automate your presentations. Trigger transitioning in and out of layers through a script is simple. Frequent broadcasters will love the ability to start and stop webcasts through AppleScript.
High Performance: Wirecast is extensively optimized to take advantage of the PowerPC G4 and G5 processors. It has even been written with multiple CPUs in mind.

QTSS/DSS 4.1.3 or later needed for automatic unicasting.
A Quartz Extreme capable graphics card.
PowerPC G3 or higher (G4 or G5 recommended).
At least a 500MHz CPU required.

What's New:
Updated Japanese localization
Improved robustness of multi-channel audio inputs (especially BlackMagic hardware)
Fixed bug with stale QuickTime video packetizer settings
Added scripting support for headphone audio control
Fixed very rare crashing bug with application dialogues
Fixed problem with blank frames when working with large H.264 movies
Fixed frame-jumping when chroma-keyed shot editor was open
Improved stability of non-DV capture devices

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