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SlidesNow! is a breakthrough in webcasting on Mac OS X.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1983K
Developer: SlidesNow!
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Price: $50.00
Updated: 25 Dec 2005
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SlidesNow! is a breakthrough in webcasting on Mac OS X. It allows any Mac OS X user to deliver slides in a live webcast right next to live video from QuickTime Broadcaster. A built-in chat board allows viewers to communicate back to the presenter. Very simple interface and easy to use. Aimed at the small group webcasting market.

Includes iCal exporter for your webcast events and helpful applescripts.

Priced at only $50, it is the most affordable solution to break into the webcasting arena.

Here are some key features of "SlidesNow":
Deliver your slide and video presentations live on the web!
Presentations are viewable on both Windows and Mac platforms
Archive your live presentations or pre-record your presentations for on-demand playback
Works right from your Mac OS X computer
Live chat for viewers to ask questions/provide feedback
Can display slides, live web pages, Flash, and QuickTime Video
Can export an iCal Event for your viewers' iCal calendars
Only $50 (U.S.) - A cost-effective solution for education, sales, and training
Special Pricing! Get Quicktime Pro 6.5 for only $10 if purchased with SlidesNow!
You can also save 10% on volume purchases.

Limited to 6 minutes.

What's New:
New teleprompter window!
Fixed bug in Safari (introduced by Tiger) that caused the first slide to stick for the presenter
Fixed bug in MovSynch applescript (introduced by Tiger) that prevented the url.txt file from being imported into the movie
No longer need a folder called "slides". Name it whatever you want as long as it's in your Sites folder.
No need to downsize you slides. You can do it using the Setup Window in SlidesNow! Just export as JPEGs (use the applescript called ScreenSnap Renamer if exporting from Keynote to get the slides named properly). When you change one setting (height or width) of slides, the other changes proportionally automatically.
You can resize the movie window to whatever you want (within reason) right from the Setup Window
Web chat board is now optional. There is also a button to launch iChat instead.
Automatically senses if you are behind a firewall when you open the setup window. Allows you to use an alternate IP address.

Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later
QT Streaming Server (or Darwin) required only if you need to broadcast video to more than one viewer
Quicktime Broadcaster (free download from Apple)
Quicktime Pro 6.5 (only $10 more if purchased with SlidesNow!) for pre-Tiger users
Quicktime Pro 7.02 required for Tiger users (sorry, but Apple has not extended a discount to me on this version yet).

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