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TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Native Instruments
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Updated: 26 Sep 2006
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TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.6 is the most powerful and versatile software solution for professional DJ mixing, live remixing and mix recording using digital audio formats.

This digital mixing suite goes beyond the possibilities of conventional DJ equipment by implementing a vast range of mixing features that only software can provide.

Traktor DJ Studio provides on-the-fly looping and unparalleled pitch-shifting, a whole new world of creative real time sound alteration.

Control The Sound

TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.6 displays each track as a colour waveform to perceive beats, breaks and instrumentation in real time. The new track overview allows you to cue up the song instantly, regardless of which digital audio format is being used.

Never Lose Track

Finding a track among ten thousand titles takes just a matter of seconds. Browse by artist, title, or label and organize your tracks in virtual record bags. Or search your music archives using the powerful Quick Search feature. Once you’re in the mix, TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.6’s intelligent tempo detection provides reliable beat alignment of two tracks and the playlist history automatically documents which tracks you played. ID3 tags can be imported directly and tracks can be arranged into any number of playlists.

Pioneering Mix Features

TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.6 delivers an array of powerful new features allowing DJs to mix more versatile and inspiring sets than ever before. The integrated cue points allow DJs to skip back and forth tempo-accurately to different sections within a track or set beat-accurate loops without slipping out of time. The automatic beat detection enables the easy tempo-synchronization of two tracks whilst the automatic gain correction adjusts the perceived loudness of tracks. The exceptional key correction feature works completely independently to the song tempo. Mixes can recorded, edited and exported. Support of the "Icecast" streaming format means mixes to be broadcast directly over the internet and the live input allows MCs to rap over the mix as well.

Design Your Own Setup

Create your ideal workspace: TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.6 is fully customizable, from keystrokes to layout schemes. Get fast access to the tools and operations you need most by assigning practically any operation to a custom keyboard shortcut or control TRAKTOR DJ Studio with a MIDI keyboard or controller.
TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.6 paves the way for the perfect mix.

Here are some key features of "Traktor DJ Studio":
Two scratchable playback decks with +/-100% pitch control and 2-channel DJ mixer with headphone cue section
Powerful database with Quick Search, capable of processing thousands of tracks in just seconds
Automatic synchronization (Syncro Start), beat offset display and beat accurate looping
+12db/-24db 3-band equalizer, 8-pole resonant filters and kill switches for each deck
Over 400 TRAKTOR functions can be controlled via shortcuts and MIDI. Records mixes as non-destructive automation file
High-quality time stretching and pitch shifting*
Automatic gain control based on perceived loudness
Full-length wave stripe for instant cueing
Seamless looping, forward and reverse jumping
Supports MIDI clock and OSC for synchronizing to other clocked applications via network-connections
Core Audio™, DirectSound™, ASIO®

TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2 works only for 30 minutes per session
The trial period ends after 30 days
TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2 does not recall your settings and shortcuts
You cannot record audio or render Native Mixes to audio
The demo songs have been compressed to 64 kbps
When broadcasting with TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2 Demo, the stream name cannot be altered.

What's New:
Four fully-featured decks and a perfectly emulated Allen & Heath Xone:92™club mixer, complete with cross-fader assignable filters and many other unique, tempo-synced effects will get the party rocking.
Integrated access to the BEATPORT online dance music store guarantees you'll always have just the right track.

G3 600 MHz
256 MB RAM.

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