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Disco XT is a professional dj mixing software for Mac.

License: Trial
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 8705K
Developer: Disco SW
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Updated: 17 Jan 2007
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Disco XT is a professional dj mixing software for Mac. It lets you create your own dj mixes!

It features dual audio player with pitch control, waveform display and cue points.
You mix between the players using high quality software mixer. The software mixer has filters, headphone listening, three band equalizer, crossfader and gain control.

Disco XT's mixer has a unique display that helps to make good transitions. The display has actual end point detection, RMS level detection for keeping audio levels at balance and automatic BPM detection for beatmixing.

You can record your mixes to disk with one click. You can then play your mixes with any media player or sync them to your iPodĀ®. The mixes are in format that can be burned to disc with disc burning software.

Disco XT supports both USB and Firewire audio interfaces. With audio interfaces you can use your headphones for monitoring audio from deck without affecting the mix.

Disco XT has full keyboard support. Besides default keys, you can set your own keyboard shortcuts.

Disco XT features automatic mixing feature. With automix you can let the software mix songs you've picked. Automix balances audio levels and finds when songs really end for removing silence between songs. You can choose to have dynamic playlists which fill up automatically by options you've set, such as desired genres, artist separation and artist selection.

You can choose betwen black and white skin.

Supported audio formats: MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAVE.
Note: Disco XT doesn't support songs bought from the iTunesĀ® store!

20 minute time limit

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