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Tile World is a reimplementation of the game "Chip's Challenge".

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Brian Raiter
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Updated: 04 Sep 2006
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Tile World is a reimplementation of the game "Chip's Challenge".
The player controls Chip, navigating him through his challenges. The object of each level of the game is to find and reach the exit tile, which takes you to the next level. The levels contain many different kinds of obstacles, creatures both hostile and indifferent, tools, protective gear -- and, of course, chips.

What's New:
Added mouse handling to the code. That includes modifying the SDL code to handle mouse activity, adding a large set of new commands, making it possible for Chip to move towards a goal over several ticks, and modifying the action struct (and the solution file) to permit storing the new moves in solutions.
Added the database of unsolvable levels, which warns users before they play a level known to be unsolvable, and automatically gives them the password to the next level.
Added the solution file display, allowing the user to manage multiple solution files for a single level set.
Changed code to accept a solution file as the sole cmdline argument, if the solution file contains the set name. Hopefully this, and the previous addition, will make it easier for people to share solution files.
Added the batch-mode verification feature, to check the existing solutions without initializing the GUI subsystem.
Fixed the old emulation bug (MS logic) involving Chip turning a cloned block into a clone of himself while going through a teleport.
Fixed the bug (MS logic) preventing Chip from pushing a slipping block parallel to its slipping direction when the push happens through a teleport.
Improved the emulation of several creatures teleporting simultaneously (Lynx logic), with assistance from ccexplore.
Minor improvements to the Lynx pedantic mode.
Fixed the password input routine. (It was completely broken; not sure when that happened.)
Rewrote the code so that level data and solutions are kept compressed in memory, and expanded only when needed, instead of decoding entire files when read. This change makes for a small reduction in memory usage, and reduces the overall level of useless work being done.
Added code to shutter the map view when MS gameplay is paused.
Numerous minor tweaks to the code, the display, and the documentation.

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