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JSokoApplet is a Java applet for playing the game of Sokoban.

License: GPL
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Matthias Meger
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Updated: 07 Mar 2006
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JSokoApplet is a Java applet for playing the game of Sokoban. It features path finding, auto push, auto solving, undo/redo, deadlock detection, and more

JSokoApplet project is written in Java. You must have Java installed to start the game.

The game:

"Sokoban" is a puzzle game invented in Japan 1982 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi. The rules are very simple but the game itself is not.

The Rules

The object of the game is to push boxes to specially marked positions in a level. The boxes can only be pushed, never pulled, and only one can be pushed at a time. The player can only move on "free" (= no wall and no box) fields.

A level is solved if all boxes have been pushed to specially marked positions.
One field can just be occupied by only one of the following levelelements at a time: the player, a box, a wall

Just start the game. You easily will learn the rules by playing the game.

The computer will help you in positions where you lost the possibility to solve the level (for example, if you pushed a box in a corner) by showing you the message that the level isn't solvable anymore.

Note: Recognizing positions that are unsolvable is very difficult. Hence the computer just shows this message for some kinds of unsolvable positions.

How to Play

You can move the player by using the arrow keys or by using the mouse (or both)

Keyboard Functions

Move the player: Arrow keys

Undo last move: [Delete] or [Backspace]

Redo move from history: [Insert]

Restart level: [Enter]

Previous level: [Page up]

Next level: [Page down].

Mouse Functions

Left-click on a position to let the player automatically move to this position.
Left-click on a box to select it then left-click the target position. The player will automatically push the selected box to the specified position. Unselect a box by clicking on it again.

A click of the right mousebutton will undo the last done activity.

What's New:
When a box is marked for pushing, the reachable squares of this box are highlighted.
There are two new solvers (for very small levels only): A solver for moves with best push solutions, and a solver for pushes with best moves solutions.
There is a new skin and new levels in this release.

Java 1.4.2 or later.

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