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Drive one of three tanks: light, medium and heavy.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: BraveTree Productions LLC
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Updated: 18 Apr 2006
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Drive one of three tanks: light, medium and heavy. The light tank is quick, but with weaker armor. The heavy tank is an armored beast with a honkin weapon, and the medium tank is the best of both worlds. All the tanks can use weapon powerups, which give extra-special shots, and are just the thing for getting out of tight spots and racking up points. In addition to super-speed and area-effect projectiles, there are bounce back projectiles that bounce and skitter across the terrain and explode with deadly effect when they are near another tank.

The richly detailed and vibrant worlds of ThinkTanks are designed to provide you with different challenges on different worlds. The rolling hills and lush valleys are great for long range sniping and dogfighting. The dark and spooky missions are harder to navigate, and you must keep your wits about you or you may get ambushed by others lurking in the shadows. The skatepark-like lava fields are great for highflying mayhem and aerial assaults. All the missions offer their own unique challenge and will provide hours of fun as you seek to refine and improve your fighting skills.

ThinkTanks Bots are some of the wackiest and interesting hunks of metal this side of the Crab Nebula. The cold-cunning and eagle eyes of the master HUM-Bot (and his annoying sidekick Ri-Bot) inspires fear in all. The strong and steady presence of the Bot Twins, Gul-Bot and Tom-Bot will give you a run for your money while the berserk Mal-Bot dives headlong off cliffs and runs circles around the dim-witted Gum-Bot.

Custom Game creation and Bot Configuration allow for a true custom mission design enabling you to create custom battle scenarios. The Auto Drop Feature allows you to configure an online game and populate it with Bots who drop out when Humans join in. Password Protected Servers allow the player to keep out anyone but those they give the password to, allowing for private games with your close friends or for solo training missions. Our Child-Safe Filter can turn off player and server names and in-game chat messages, so parents can feel secure knowing their children will not be subjected to verbal abuse by "less-than-savory" characters.

What's New:
Adjusted Tanks to make heavy more useful.
Made Aiming easier.
Changed reload station so that powerups are not cleared.
Scrumball now hops toward center of map.
Added an option to cycle between all maps from a dedicated server.
Increased time that low ammo message is on the screen.
Increased range of the radar .
Changed transparency of the radar.
Made health powerups show up on radar when health is low.
Lifting finger off mouse for an extended period now reloads ammo burst (no more one shot bursts).
Added pause key for solo and quickplay play (ESC key).
Removed the ability to make a Demo name in registered version.
Added Target range for new users.

Macintosh OS X (version 10.1 or greater)
OpenGL Compatible 3D Graphics Accelerator (16MB recommended).

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