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iTapTempo iTapTempo 1.2
iTapTempo is an application designed to let you tap a tempo, either without or with a sound playing at the same time.
Sonnet Tempo AV Tool Sonnet Tempo AV Tool 1.2
The Tempo AV Tool resolves playback issues by slowing down the data transfer from attached drives to better match your legacy Macintosh bus and processing limitations.
Transposer Transposer 2.01
Change the pitch of any MP3 song without changing tempo. Great for musicians.
bpmWidget bpmWidget 1.3
bpmWidget is a tap-tempo device useful for estimating the bpm of music and setting the bpm meta-tags of the current track in iTunes.
PeacockMedia Tempo PeacockMedia Tempo 0.2a
PeacockMedia Tempo is a simple but smart shareware metronome that will keep time with a choice of sounds and an optional accent on the first beat of the bar.
Tempo Widget Tempo Widget 1.0
Tap the button in time with a song.
Tempo Tempo 2.12
A simple and smart reminder with some more.
AudioRetoucher AudioRetoucher
AudioRetoucher designed for modify pitch and tempo of MP3 and WAV files.
Karaoke Sound Tools Karaoke Sound Tools 1.0.9
Remove vocal, adjust key and tempo of karaoke songs
BpmChecker BpmChecker 4.0
Determine / find the tempo or BPM of music by tapping. Add bpm to file name.

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