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Microspot offers five sets of Symbol Libraries.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 21K
Developer: Microspot
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Updated: 26 Jan 2006
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Microspot offers five sets of Symbol Libraries. These contain images ready for use in Microspot MacDraft or PC Draft documents, or other applications, and will provide you with many of the elements you need to quickly and easily complete or embellish your drawings.

Each component has been professionally drawn, using vectors rather than bitmaps, providing you with the highest possible quality of printing. Once dropped into a drawing, a symbol can easily be edited to suit your own needs.

Graphics Volume 1: Over 200 images of people, cars, trucks, trees and other landscape elements. This set is ideal for architects, illustrators and designers as well as for general graphics and presentations.

Graphics Volume 2: Contains over 200 graphic elements to help you create professional-looking organisational charts, design computer logic diagrams, embellish business charts, or add character to your correspondence and presentations.

Architecture: A comprehensive set of over 1100 commonly used symbols for the creation of residential and light commercial construction drawings. These libraries provide architects, engineers and contractors with symbols that address the 16 standard specification formats used in construction drawings.

Electronic Schematic: Incorporates over two hundred symbols for a wide array of electronic components and elements used to create schematic diagrams. Included are everything from vacuum tubes to logic gate symbols.

Graphics Volume 5: Over 200 images including computers and peripherals, road signs and lights, landscape elements, maps, furniture and installations.

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