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Microspot Interiors is a 3D design application which allows you to bring to life your interior designs and spatial plans.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Microspot
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Updated: 26 Jan 2006
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Microspot Interiors is a 3D design application which allows you to bring to life your interior designs and spatial plans. With it's intuitive user interface and choice of rendering options, Interiors ensures that you can create realistic 3D scenes right out of the box.

Draw rooms with windows and doors, then add furniture, wallpaper, carpet and accessories from our library containing hundreds of various items. Adjust the size of the furnishings and customise colours and textures with those supplied or you can use you own.

When you are happy with the design, add lighting and render with anti-aliasing and shadows to create realistic 3D scenes. Interiors is ideal for users of all levels including graphics professionals, business or home users looking for low-cost, high quality 3D interior design.

Here are some key features of "Interiors":
Contains libraries with over 1 items of furniture and accessories.
Includes many textures and patterns for customising furniture, walls and other surfaces.
Easily resize and reposition furniture, change room dimensions and other elements.
Apply any pict image (textures included or scanned fabric and paper samples) to any surface.
Add adjustable lights that can be directed to create the
desired effect.
View a room from any position or height with Microspot Interiors’ intuitive camera manipulation tools.
Render high quality, realistic 3D scenes complete with
lighting and shadows using Microspot’s plug-in renderer (included with Microspot Interiors).

What's New:
New in this version.
Angled walls.  More varied and realistic room designs are now possible because walls
can now be drawn at angles other than 90 degrees to each other.
Import 3ds files.  3ds Import dramatically increases the possible items that can be
placed in your 3D scenes.  You are no longer limited to the items included in the
libraries with the product.  Some 3ds models are available free on the web or may be
purchased from many third parties.
Animation.  Animations bring your designs to life and allow you to distribute them
using QuickTime.  Two new tools, Animation Draw Path and Edit Path and 3 New
palettes,  Animation Tweener, Player and Path and a new Animation menu have been
added.  These enable you to set up your animation adjust it to your liking and save
it a QuickTime movie which may be played on any machine greatly increasing your
potential audience.
Support for translucent objects.  Renders now look more realistic because light
shines through tranparent objects if they are more than 50% transparent.
Dynamic tessellation.  Rendering has been speeded up by using dynamic tessellation so
some objects in the foreground are rendered with more detail than they are in the

Improved in this version.
Library Items.  The 3D libraries have been expanded and optimized to give more choice
of furnishings and to make them render faster.
Renderer.  The algorithms used by the renderer have been improved to give faster
Tiger support.  This new version is now fully Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4)  compatible
Bug fixes.  Bugs fixed from previous version.

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