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Set AIM Status Set AIM Status 1.0
Set AIM Status is the AIM version of my "Set iChat Status" application.
iChat Status iChat Status 1.1
iChat Status keeps your iChat status to the name of the current application you are using.
Check Status Length Check Status Length 1.5
I suppose you didn't know that your available (status) messages are truncated to 44 characters in iChat.
WoW Status WoW Status 1.5.1
WoW Status shows the current status of the World of Warcraft servers in your menubar.
Buddy Status Buddy Status 1.4u
Want to stalk your friends, but hate having a buddy list open? Buddy Status is a simple Dashboard widget for Mac OS X v10.
SpeedTouch 510 Status SpeedTouch 510 Status 1.1
SpeedTouch 510 Status displays the SpeedTouch DSL line status: linestate, speed, uptime and data transfer.
Apache Status Watcher Apache Status Watcher 1.0
Apache Status Watcher monitors Appache Server by means of Apache's server-status module.
Music Status Blackspot Music Status Blackspot 1.0
What does Music Status Blackspot do? It patches Tiger's iChat to not show those little iTMS links in the status line of a person utilizing the new iTunes status feature.
Status Monitors Status Monitors 1.1
Status monitors is a desktop (or in a window) tool for monitoring your system and more.
Mail Status Control Mail Status Control 0.4.3
Mail Status Control lets you monitor and control Apple Mail from the Mac OS X Status Bar.

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