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Cricket is software designed to run theater sound & music on your Macintosh computer.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Soundcrack
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Updated: 03 Feb 2006
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Cricket is software designed to run theater sound & music on your Macintosh computer.

Cricket is in development using the stateoftheart MAX/MSP programming environment by cycling74.

Developed by a theater sound designer and musician, with help from other designers and musicians, so built and road-tested for flexibility, playability and ease.

Here are some key features of "Soundcrack Cricket":
Coreaudio compatible. Use all your sound card's available outputs to create a true surround-sound environment.
4 separate track players can handle 4 stereo files simultaneously.
Support for all common types of sound files with any bit depth your sound card can handle.
Midi Q-ing includes Program Change, Note On, Note Off, and CC control.
1 Q can trigger all 4 track players, all 4 stereo channel faders, all 8 mixes (for pans, etc.), all 4 types of midi Qs, and can auto-step to the next Q.
Number or Letter your Qs (including decimal-point Q-ing).
Train anyone to run your sound or have fun running your own sound!
Audio triggers instantly and makes for a precision design.
Run from your laptop for a portable professional 24-bit surround sound solution.

What's New:
Fixed: Track length changes updated on load
Fixed: Bugs in Q Rack Building/Deleting (stranded modules)
Fixed: Cursor shouldn't get stuck in Track Loader window and Q Editor Window
Fixed: map assign module will auto-choose 1st 2 maps in list
Fixed: Level markings to line up in various faders
Fixed: Autofollow in red after removeq
Fixed: Glitch after autofollows
Fixed: Issue with unwanted midi delay
Fixed: Bug with saving track/q/map lists before saving show
Changed: cmd-J stores in Q Editor if only Q Editor is open/does nothing if neither window is open
Changed: QBuilder no longer label-linked to QList
Changed: Fader curves re-vamped
Changed: Full out is now at -77 instead of -88
Changed: Deck Progress Bar can now be grabbed when track is paused
Added: Cmd-R to Load Q Rack
Added: User-definable curve types for presets 1, 2, or 3
Added: CHANGED banner when a Q has been changed in the Q Builder
Added: Link in Mixer Qs now stores in Q and updates respective mixer channels
Added: Saves are logged into status window with time/date stamp.

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