MathMagic XTension 2.5.4 review

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MathMagic is the ultimate WYSIWYG equation editor for QuarkXPress.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: nPine, Inc.
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Updated: 03 Jun 2004
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MathMagic is the ultimate WYSIWYG equation editor for QuarkXPress. It also comes with mathematical symbol fonts in both TrueType and PostScript format.

What's New:
Added: More view rates are supported: 300%, 800%, 1600%, 3200% are added
Added: More margin is added to the equation box so that the equation edges are not truncated in some cases
Added: More function names are added to be recognized as Function style. All the function list are now: Im, Pr, Re, arccos, arcsin, arctan, arg, bmod, cos, cosec, cosh, cot, coth, cov, csc, deg, det, dim, exp, gcd, glb, hom, imz, inf, injlim, int, ker, lg, lim, liminf, limsup, ln, log, max, min, mod, pmod, projlim, rez, sec, sin, sinh, sup, tan, tanh, varinjlim, varliminf, varlimsup, varprojlim
Changed: MMEnvironmentDB folder is moved to Prefereces folder from QuarkXPress folder and the unexpected change of the saving location to Desktop folder is fixed as well
Changed: Arrow head is changed and sharpened more
Fixed: When the background color of the text box is None, or with PANTONE color or CMYK, the equations are missing from the output
Fixed: Arrow line is disappeared on screen when the arrow is thin
Fixed: Line thickness of Root templates were printed thinner than the value defined in the Define Spacing settings
Fixed: Small slashed fraction template is changed to big one after saving and reopening
Fixed: Left margin of the text box in the vertical division templates was fixed even though the view rate is changed
Fixed: The bar thickness of small fraction templates is adjusted
Some other small bugs fixed

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