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Shared Library Linker Shared Library Linker 1.0b6
The REALbasic Shared Library Linker includes normally external shared libraries in your own *compiled* application (Classic PPC or Carbon only), so that your application can run without the need for an external shared library.
Shared Menus Enhancer Shared Menus Enhancer 1.5
The Shared Menus Enhancer adds Shared Menus to applications which itself do not have Shared Menus capability.
Shared Monitor Shared Monitor 1.1
Monitor connections to your shared resources and browse historical data.
iTunes Tracker iTunes Tracker 2.0b
iTunes Tracker is a client application which allows users to connect to a database of shared iTunes 4 libraries.
Shared Serial Ports Shared Serial Ports 1.1
Share a real serial port between multiple applications.
PDF Vista Server PDF Vista Server 7.02
Add a shared PDF printer on your server, allow your users to create PDF with it.
NetSearcher NetSearcher 2.1
Searches files in LAN (network)
ShareAlarmPro ShareAlarmPro 2.1.4
ShareAlarmPro monitoring network access to shared folders and shared resources.
Blue Coconut Blue Coconut 1.50b1
Blue Coconut allows you to copy tracks from iTunes shared libraries to your Mac, so that you can make playlists or listen to them at a later date.
Blue Network Browser Blue Network Browser 1.8
Explore shared resources on your local network. Freeware!

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