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SearchBlox is a high-performance Content Search Software designed for corporate intranets, websites, Portals and custom-applications.

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OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
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Developer: Robert Selvaraj
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Updated: 05 Mar 2006
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SearchBlox is a high-performance Content Search Software designed for corporate intranets, websites, Portals and custom-applications.

SearchBlox offers the best in search technology to enable search users find the correct information quickly and efficiently. With the Plug'N'Play architecture of SearchBlox, you can implement search functionality in a matter of minutes saving you valuable time and money. With an unique combination of ease of customization and simplified search software management, SearchBlox offers the most cost-effective solution to your corporate search challenges. Experience the simplicity of SearchBlox that thousands of users have already experienced by trying out the SearchBlox FREE Edition.

Here are some key features of "SearchBlox Server":
End User Features
Advanced Search - Search by file format, language, keyword occurrence and modified date
Keyword-in-Context Display - search results are displayed with areas of content where the keyword occurs
User-defined number of search results per page
Simple and Advanced Query Syntax
Supports Boolean AND, OR, and NOT searches, Fuzzy and fielded searches
Sort - search results can be sorted by date, relevance or alphabetically
Hit Highlighting - query terms are highlighted on content title and description
Collections - users can limit search to specific collections
Administrator Features
Web-based Admin Console - easy to use and intuitive console to manage all aspects of the Search application
Choice of Memory-Based Index (for very fast indexing) or Disk-Based Index (for large document collections)
Collections - create up to 250 document collections with customized settings
Look & Feel - search results customizable using XSLT stylesheets. Can also be delivered as XML
Built-in Crawlers to index HTTP, HTTPS and File System based content
Support for indexing content through Proxy Servers
Protected Content - crawlers can index content protected with Basic HTTP and Form-Based Authentication
Reporting - real-time reporting with weekly, daily and hourly result sets, top queries and zero match queries
On-Demand & Scheduled Indexing of content
Addition and Deletion of individual documents from the index
Disable stemming for individual indexes
Content Features
Many Supported File Types
Can index content in 30 languages
Stopwords - separate stopword list for each supported language
MetaTags - supports standard meta tag fields (title, description, keyword).

To evaluate SearchBlox, you can download and use the SearchBlox FREE Edition. The SearchBlox FREE Edition can index up to 1 documents and offers all the features available in the other Editions. The only restriction in the SearchBlox FREE Edition is the absence of the search results as XML feature and the presence of the SearchBlox logo at the bottom of the search results page.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.

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