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Quickly and easily add very flexible and robust search facilities to your website or any HTML document library.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Limit Point Software
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Updated: 27 Sep 2006
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Quickly and easily add very flexible and robust search facilities to your website or any HTML document library. As a standalone file server Boolean Search can serve its search results independently of any web server making it perfect for users who want to.

• search their own personal collections of files

• provide enhanced website search features not offered by Internet search engines,

• provide search over small intranets, such as for a small business office, library or classroom.

As its name suggests Boolean Search supports content queries that use boolean and regular expressions, as well as phrase and proximity searches, fuzzy and partial word searches and similarity search. Optional spell checking on queries provides a "Did you mean?" functionality similar to Google.

Boolean Search can extract an expansive variety of file information for the search results page including various kinds of summaries, icons, meta tag information and standard file attributes. A novel feature of Boolean Search is its "Site Index" generator which serves up a linked index of all the words a site contains. Boolean Search also generates documents with search terms highlighted to help a user determine their relevancy. Paging and sorting mechanisms are available to manage browsing the collection of found files.

Here are some key features of "Boolean Search":
fast, ram based index
serves it's own files
browser based administration
server root is configurable, can be set to any folder
directory based iteration opposed to "crawling" good for unlinked document collections
supports multiple websites (multi-homing)
monitor window and logging
server realms for access restrictions
fully customizable search forms and results pages
spell checking on queries
numerous types of summaries
stop words, synonyms
proximity and phrase searches
linked document word highlighting (via HTML anchors)
regular expressions, boolean logic and wildcards
HTML formatted "word index" provides access to all words on your website
various query methods: exact, partial, approximate
search on file attributes too, such as size or modification date
provides a "What's New" functionality based on internet cookies
complete set of sample files for configuring an HTML based search interface
extensible via AppleScript
automatic rebuilds.

What's New:
Fixed a problem with port configuration on Intel based Macs.
Fixed a problem that could cause the application to crash when the port was changed while the program was running.

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