Salvo! Update 1.5 review

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The Salvo 1.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 38240K
Developer: Shrapnel Games, Inc.
Price: $0.00
Updated: 25 Jul 2006
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The Salvo 1.5 update provides added functionality and new features, including:

• Version Incremented to 1.5
• Macromedia Crash Fixed
• Damage Adjustment
• Play Fixes
• Added PBEM Function
• Added HotSeat Function
• New HotKeys
• Added Movement Undo Function.

What's New:
Fix: Fog Crash. (Macromedia error message) Scenarios with limited visibility due to fog no longer crash.
Fix: Inconsistent Anchoring. Anchored ships will now remain anchored provided tha they are set to ‘User’ control mode.
Fix: Crew Allocation and Reports. Crew allocation and crew report is now accurate.
Fix: No gun crews. Zero crew allocated to guns will prevent the vessel from shooting, provided that both the starboard and port batteries have no crew.
Fix: Range '11' Combat Marker. The range 11 combat marker will not reoccur.
Fix: Spanish Flag. The Spanish flag graphic has been significantly improved.
Fix: Exit Buttons Behavior. Incorrect behavior from the main screen exit buttons has been fixed.
Fix: Damage Adjustment. Damage received is now more likely to cause a fire, and more likely to cause the vessle to explode. For best results, also increase the damage level in settings.
New: Movement Undo. Pressing the ‘U’ key will undo the last ship movement.
New: Attack Flag. The combat messsage for the firing ship now also displays the firing ship’s country flag. This provides better recognition of what is going on during combat.
New: Cancel Button In Battle Report. A cancel button now allows for better viewing of the end of action battle report.
New: Hotseat Play. Play against your local friends by taking alternate turns on the same computer.
New: PBEM. Play against opponents anywhere in the world by exchange Salvo! Battle files by email.
New: 2 New Tutorials. Two new tutorials in Salvo 1.5’s ‘Help’ screen provide information on all new features and also the Battle Generator and Tweaker.

The Salvo 1.5 update only works with a full Salvo install from CD.

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