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Reaction Quake 3 is a port of the popular Quake 3 mod Action Quake 2.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Reaction Quake 3 Development Team
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Updated: 29 Dec 2005
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Reaction Quake 3 is a port of the popular Quake 3 mod Action Quake 2.

We've tried to keep the underlying gameplay as true as possible to the original, and have made improvements/additions on top of that.

It's a fast-paced, team play oriented game which also contains, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, "Capture the Briefcase" (CTF), and Teamplay game modes featuring modern weapons and items and locational damage.

What's New:
Reaction Quake 3 is a "total conversion mod" for Quake III Arena based on action and realism with a specific emphasis on action over realism. Reaction is a port of the classic Action Quake 2 (AQ2) mod. This release brings a collection of code tweaks and fixes from the things found in the last release. What's new:
In-game server browser now fixed to show RQ3 3.x games, yay!
Added an error message to the /radio command to let you know if your bind is messed up and you're trying to play a radio sound that does not exist
Allowed CTB radio sounds to also be played in other team-based modes
Added a Zoom Sensitivity Lock during fire sequence of ssg to improve aiming
Added local cvar cg_RQ3_ssgZoomSensLock to enable or disable the feature above (default enable)
Upgraded the gamesource RQ3 is built on from 1.29h to 1.32b
Removed most of the unlagged stuff. Only optimized prediction and smooth clients remains.
With allWeapon/allItems enable it won't toss weapons/items when you die
Various helmet bugs fixed.
Successful mapvote now waits for a round to end in TP.

Quake 3 Arena and a Mac or PC capable of playing it.

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