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Quake is the successor to Doom, the smash-hit action game.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 3448K
Developer: Fruitz Of Dojo
Price: $0.00
Updated: 24 Aug 2006
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Quake is the successor to Doom, the smash-hit action game. In Quake, you're plunged into a brutal and terrifyingly realistic 3D environment where you'll need to rely on your agility, instincts, and a lot of weapons.

Multiple players can connect via modem or network in either cooperative or deathmatch modes. If you have trouble with weird colors or incorrect textures, throw away all the files inside the "glquake" folder in the "id1" folder to fix the problem.

This is the Cocoa version of the popular game Quake. It includes the software and OpenGL renderer versions of Quake and QuakeWorld.

What's New:
Recompiled as Universal Binary.
Optimized the software renderer for windowed modes.
Windowed modes (software and OpenGL renderer) are now resizeable.
The game will renderer inside the Dock document icon (instead of the application icon) if minimized.
Screenshots are now saved in PNG format.
Threaded CDAudio and MP3/MP4 playback.
"glquake" cache files are now always little endian.
"glquake" cache files are automatically converted if in wrong endianess.
Minor bug fixes.

Quake (shareware or full version).

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