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Process Lasso Process Lasso
Automated priority optimization to improve responsiveness!
Process Priority Optimizer Process Priority Optimizer
Process priority class optimizer for Windows, transparently boost performance.
BeNicer BeNicer 2.0.0
BeNicer is a graphical interface to the UNIX 'renice' command.
Process Tamer Process Tamer 2.11.01
system tray util that reduces priority of high-cpu usage processes
Prio Prio 1.6
Saving priority of applications and enhancements for the Task Manager.
Process Wizard Process Wizard 1.18
Process Wizard is a menu hack that allows you to access to all the processes of your system (applications, background applications, user processes, non user processes) and to change their priority (Unix nice value).
Renicer Renicer 1.2.9
The Unix underpinnings of Mac OS X allow users to assign priorities to processes with the Renice command.
High Priority High Priority 1.11
High Priority is a Mac OS X menu extra whose sole purpose is to help you manage your To Dos in a simple, intuitive, and pleasant manner.
Remote Process Viewer Remote Process Viewer
a free remote Windows Task Manager for your network
CurrProcess CurrProcess 1.13
Displays the list of all processes currently running on your system.

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