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RB Plugin Plunger RB Plugin Plunger 3.0a20
RB Plugin Plunger is a REALbasic plugin that utilizes the "Plugin Analyser" plugin and other plugins, including TT's FileMgr-Plugin, TT's FolderItem-Plugin and NavFolderItem plugins, RB Plugin Plunger retrieves information from the classes, controls, methods, events and eventInstances from a plugin, while additional information from the resource fork of the plugin is being retrieved as well.
Precision Plugin Precision Plugin 1.8
Precision Plugin is a REALbasic plugin which is a light version of my MPCalc plugin.
ROT13 Plugin ROT13 Plugin 1.0
The ROT13 Plugin for REALbasic v3.
Hex Plugin Hex Plugin 1.1
Hex Plugin for REALbasic 5 and higher is a small plugin with four methods.
Monkeybread REALbasic plugin Monkeybread REALbasic plugin 6.3
This plugin adds around 11, functions, methods and classes to REALbasic.
The Lossless Compression Plugin The Lossless Compression Plugin 1.0
The Lossless Compression Plugin for REALbasic v3.
DLL Plugin PostLinker DLL Plugin PostLinker 1.3.2
DLL Plugin PostLinker was originally written by me to ease the creation of Windows (x86) plugins.
DivTV DivTV 0.2b1
DivTV Plugin is a plugin for AlchemyTVDVR.
Plugin Code Writer Plugin Code Writer 1.0a5
Using Plugin Code Writer, simply layout using the GUI what classes, global methods, and controls should be implemented by the plugin you're going to write and export the plugin source code with a simple menu selection.
Red Eye Pilot Plugin Red Eye Pilot Plugin 1.40
Plugin for red eye reduction

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