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Shinkuro Shinkuro
Use the Shinkuro software to share files across enterprise boundaries - securely.
De-Contact Groups Members (Entourage) De-Contact Groups Members (Entourage) 1.0
If you have imported a number of groups from other email programs, all of whose members have been made into full-fledged contacts in your Address Book, but you prefer that they be merely group members (name and email address) without contact status filling up your Address Book, select the group in the Address Book and run De-Contact Groups Members (Entourage).
Freeware WC2006 Tip WC2006 Tip 1.1
The Widget allows members of German www.
ChatterBox ChatterBox
New-launch of the Original online Dating Chat software, with Webcam SMS & Phone
Members Only (PPC) Members Only (PPC) 1.1
Members Only was designed specifically with the needs and requirements of clubs, associations and other member groups in mind.
Group Sort X Group Sort X 1.0
Group Sort X will sort the group entries (group members) of either a selected group in the Address Book, or one or more groups you choose from a list, or all your groups - whatever you choose - into alphabetical order by last name in one quick pass.
Religious Suite-Church Management Software Religious Suite-Church Management Software 2017
Manage an unlimited number of members with this program
3D City 3D City 1.2
3D City Environment for your Community & Dating Site, Seconf Life of the Members
Add to Group X Add to Group X 1.0.1
Add to Group X will add the senders or recipients of selected messages in a folder, or automatically of messages filtered by a rule to an Entourage Group you choose.
AOL Radio AOL Radio 1.1
The AOL Radio application allows AOL Members to listen to AOL Radio Featuring XM.

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