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Use the Shinkuro software to share files across enterprise boundaries - securely.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Shinkuro
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Updated: 29 Apr 2005
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Use the Shinkuro software to share files across enterprise boundaries - securely. Just install the software on each machine, create a group and designate a folder you would like to share with the group. Any files you put in that folder will be shared with the other members automatically.

Shinkuro also includes secure instant messaging and secure screen sharing, to give you a complete collaboration environment. Shinkuro's lightweight technology works easily with all of your applications.

There are several advanced features of Shinkuro that are not enabled in the unregistered version. These include the following:
Sharing of subdirectories
Unlimited relay users (limited to 5 in unregistered version)
Screen broadcasting (receiving is enabled in the unregistered version).

What's New:
The long awaited next release of the Shinkuro software is here. Build 1572 contains numerous performance improvements over previous builds as well as new group formation structures. You now can have "full" and "limited" group members, with the ability to specify both read-write limited members and read-only limited members. Limited members only see full group members, not other limited members. Files submitted by limited members are only distributed to full members. Limited members may not revoke the membership of full members (or other limited members) either. Files submitted by full members are distributed to all group members, both full and limited. We eagerly await your feedback on this capability.
In addition to the functional changes mentioned, this build now supports FreeBSD. The Linux build has been moved from SuSE 8.2 to RedHat 9, which fixed some problems reported by early Linux users.

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