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Media Rage is a collection of tools for audio enthusiasts.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 4318K
Developer: Chaotic Software
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Updated: 15 Sep 2006
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Media Rage is a collection of tools for audio enthusiasts. It can edit information stored in MP3, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis audio files in an easy and powerful manner.

Media Rage can assist you in cataloging, organizing, sorting, and updating thousands of audio files with ease.

Here are some key features of "Media Rage":
Supports reading and writing information in AAC, MP3 (all tag versions), and Ogg Vorbis media files.
Supports reading and writing Unicode data.
Fully multi-threaded, providing a responsive user experience.
Built for Mac OS X from the ground up, and adopts Mac OS X UI guidelines.
Dashboard and Toolbar windows allow quick access to all tools.
Duplicate finder - Find duplicate files in your collection, based on your criteria. Easily trash duplicates once found.
Catalog Creator - easily create catalogs of your files in a flexible manner.
Media Scrubber - allow quick viewing, comparing, copying, and in-line editing of your media files.
File Renamer - change filenames on disk based on data in media files.
Player - a simple player is included for sampling of songs without adding them to your iTunes library.
QuickEdit - modify the contents of MP3, AAC, and Ogg audio files.
Multiple QuickEdit - modify batches of files in a few easy strokes.
Organizer - move, copy, link or alias a collection of files on your disk with ease.
Data Changer - batch modify thousands of files in a single click!
Artwork Search - search the internet for artwork to add to your media files.

What's New:
[Feature] Added a default MP3 tag version to the preferences panel, so when tools don't have a provision for changing the MP3 tag version, the default you specify is used.
[Feature[ Added a few missing tools to the Dashboard window (Data Mover, Data Import/Export, Album Browser).
[Feature] Added support for mirroring the Event log to a file in the /tmp folder.
[Feature] Support "Grouping" data field in the Data Mover.
[Feature] Added a raw data dumping view to the QuickEdit window so files can be examined in greater detail for interested parties.
[Feature] Added searching of the "comment" data field to the Media Finder.
[Bug Fix] Include a universal version of the contentual menu plugin.
[Bug Fix] Fix display of "comment" field in Media Scrubber windows.
[Bug Fix] Fix an application hang when reading some corrupted AIFF files.

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