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MacStumbler is a utility to display information about nearby 802.

License: GPL
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 131K
Developer: Korben
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Updated: 03 Aug 2006
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MacStumbler is a utility to display information about nearby 802.11b and 802.11g wireless access points. It is mainly designed to be a tool to help find access points while traveling, or to diagnose wireless network problems.

Additionally, MacStumbler can be used for "wardriving", which involves co-ordinating with a GPS unit while traveling around to help produce a map of all access points in a given area.

MacStumbler emulates the functionality of projects like netstumbler, bsd-airtools, and kismet.

It's meant purely for educational or auditing purposes, although many people enjoy using these types of programs to check out how many WiFi (wireless) networks are in their area, usually known as "war driving".

MacStumbler only works with AirPort wireless cards, it does not (yet) work with any PCMCIA or USB wireless devices.

To enhance the scanning results, many wardrivers like to use external antennas to increase the range. The new iBooks and Titanium PowerBooks both contain an antenna built into the screen (which can provide much better range than standard PCMCIA cards by themselves). This built-in antenna is directional, I find my iBook gets the best signal when the screen is facing away from the access point.

What's New:
Fixed bugs:
"Unexepectedly quit" error at startup
Window correctly remembers position
Toolbar remembers configuration

Apple Airport Card.

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