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Savvy Clipboard is a handy tool that adds multiple Clipboard capability to Mac OS X.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 712K
Developer: BlitzClick Software
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Updated: 01 Dec 2006
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Savvy Clipboard is a handy tool that adds multiple Clipboard capability to Mac OS X.

Do you often copy things and paste them to other locations? Would you like to retain what you copied before, and be able to use those items again, or save them to disk?
Savvy Clipboard will remember what you copied, and store those data items for you.
It holds a list of items that you copied - text fragments, graphics, URLs, multimedia data, or links to files - and lets you access them using this list. You just select the needed item from the list and it is ready to use from the system Clipboard, so you can paste it anywhere you need.

With Savvy Clipboard, you speed up your work (no need to look for items again and again) and gain a new level of control over things you work with.

Here are some key features of "Savvy Clipboard":
Savvy Clipboard can store data of any type that gets to the Clipboard.
Allows placing a data item back to the system Clipboard.
Allows saving a data item to a file.
You can drag-and-drop data items from Savvy Clipboard to other applications (without having to copy them to the system Clipboard).
You can store as many data items as you need.
Savvy Clipboard retains the data between sessions - i.e., if you shut down the system and then turn on the computer again, the data will remain available.
You can define custom keyboard shortcuts to select items from Savvy Clipboard (the data item will be copied onto the system Clipboard, and you can paste it as you need).
Savvy Clipboard runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Mac's.

Registration Reminder at startup.

What's New:
adds a new capability that will come handy for many users: Savvy Clipboard can now be used as a Popup Menu. It lets you save screen space and get the needed clipboard item by keyboard shortcuts.

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