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MacHacha will do a simple job: split archives into smaller parts and join them when requested.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 765K
Developer: Pescados Software
Price: $0.00
Updated: 04 Oct 2006
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MacHacha will do a simple job: split archives into smaller parts and join them when requested.

If you usually download movies, music or large archives from news groups, public web servers, streamload, edonkey or whatever place, this is your tool.
If you'd like transportate a 5MB document in a floppy disk to your home, or fit a 400MB archive in two ZIP discs, or even move a 7GB film to a computer with a DVD burner and you only have a single CD-RW, this is your tool.
If you wish share a 6MB document with your PC-friends over the internet and you can only put up online chunks of 1MB because of your ISP restrictions, this is your tool.

Here are some key features of "MacHacha":
You can share your documents even if your friends doesn't own a macintosh.
You don't need switch to a PC (or VirtualPC) to join the archives you get.
You can generate and join full-compatible UNIX/Linux segments.
You can generate and join segments compatible with other Mac OS X apps, such as E Pluribus Unum, Splitter, Split&Concat or xMerge.
You can create mac-compliant segments preserving resource fork and meta-information using the MacHacha format.
You can uncompress RAR files and RAR segments without switching to a different app or gibberishing in the command-line.
You can automate your own projects (eg, "I wish split 1+ documents"), because MacHacha supports AppleScripting.

What's New:
Various minor code refinements.
Added a new "Alphajoin" command under the File menu (joins arbitrary files alphabetically).
Added monitorization of RAR archives containing multiple files.
Fixed wrong association of certain applications (name ending with ".0") to MacHacha.
Added international support for decimal separator in split window.
Minor performance improvements.
Added spanish localization.
Bundled "unrar" universal binary.
Known issue: monitorization of RAR archives will fail when file names contain ASCII 10 or 13 (CR or LF), bug associated to the unrar binary. Files will be uncompressed anyway so, when you think the extraction is done, just hit the "Cancel" button of the progress bar window.
Known issue: you may not be able to join segments located in the root level of a volume, because of a permissions issue. Just move these segments to a well
known read
writable location, such as your desktop, and try joining them again.

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