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Please note that this is no "real" release, not even a "real" beta release.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: mattik
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Updated: 06 Nov 2006
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Please note that this is no "real" release, not even a "real" beta release. This is just a work-in-progress version that should fix some of the problems that prior releases had with Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar). The transition is not complete, so there might still be problems related to Jaguar. This build wasn't tested on all supported cameras due to a lack of a) time and b) cameras.

Usually, if you encounter problems with macam, you should write an email to the authors. This release is an exception. Many bugs are known (maybe not all, but a lot of them and probably most major ones). My personal problem is that I currently cannot spend much time on development because there are too many emails (between 30 and 50 each day) to reply. I am intererested in getting feedback and

I'm interested in replying in time. Unfortunately, this was not possible in all cases in the last weeks sorry!

So, before you write an email: Please consult the built-in Help facility, read the online FAQ, known problems section and forums (they will be updated in the next days) on the macam home page and the sourceforge project page.

Supported camera (

What's New:
fixed problem with Skype
fixed rare crash with iChat
another attempt at fixing the USB band width problem with QuickCam STX
report a better name for Skype (instead of "Camera")
added an improved French localization file

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