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JournalX is designed to collect and manage documents.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1453K
Developer: MacItEasy
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Updated: 12 Jan 2007
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JournalX is designed to collect and manage documents. This is done in a very clear, easy and fast way. If there is some information that is of interest for you it can be stored in JournalX.

This information can be, for example, text snippets of any format, URLs or pictures. It is not important of which kind of data the document is: Arbitrary file types can be added to and managed by JournalX. You can arrange your documents so that they belong to a specific context.

This makes it very easy to recover them. You no longer need to crawl in deep nested folders to find a single document. Instead simply drag it onto JournalX and it will never be lost again. These documents are stored as real files in a ordinary directory structure which matches to your JournalX structure.

No special database is needed. Thus it is no problem to access your files directly from within the Finder or other applications.

Here are some key features of "JournalX":
Easy import of data - just drag files, folders, text or pictures onto the tables
Easy export of data - just drag the files from the tables on the Finder desktop
Drag URL locations from Safari directly to the tables
Text editor for RTF, RTFD and TXT format
Various picture formats can be viewed
Picture viewer with ability to scroll and resize pictures in many ways
Files are still accessible from within the Finder
Files can be locked
Full view (good for smaller displays)
Navigation can be done by keyboard
Fast search
Preselection via popup
Live filtering in tables, just type in some letters

Registration Screen at startup.

What's New:

Use PDFKit (Mac OS 10.4+)
Search in PDF documents (Mac OS 10.4+)
Select and copy in PDF documents (Mac OS 10.4+)
Advanced contextmenu for PDF documents
Switch by page in PDF documents
Put PDF view in own bundle (10.4+)
Show PDF page numbers in status info
New menu 'Database'
If database is missing either a default one is choosen or user can select custom one
Entries will be created as aliases if key combo Command-Option-Control is pressed while importing new subject by drag and drop
Improved and therefor faster import of subjects
Entries will be read faster when switching subjects
Copy text content between different subjects
When drag and drop text content onto JournalX RTFD type will be choosen when pressing the Option key simultaneously
When creating a new entry RTFD type will be choosen when pressing the Option key simultaneously
Duplicate entries instead of move them within JournalX when pressing the Command key
Duplicate entries with context menu
Autolocator now works for types also
Show time needed to export subject or database
Save new entries with webcontent as duplicates
When drag and drop webcontent onto JournalX WEBARCHIVE type will be choosen when pressing the Option key simultaneously
Current web address can be copied by using context menu
When a weblink would open a new window open it in default browser instead
Additional toolbar items PDF back/forward, webcontent back/forward
New contextmenu for picture types
Enlarged columns in search result table
New search index option: kSKProximityIndexing, will be used on the next reindexing, if necessary
Reindexing is a little bit faster now
Last search phrases can be deleted now
Changed internal handling of view for various formats
Added log-file
Added log-menu and -dialog
Added time to date info
Added column for modification date
Enlarged column sizes
Added help menu for the not so obvious key combos
Subject column remains width when resizing main window
Changed comment field in info dialog
Enlarged columns for search result table
Enhanced user feedback with more dialogs and status info
Added progress bar when deleting subjects
Added some help text
Added some more document formats of type 1,7,8
Message for successfull registration
Error message for registration failure
Chrom effects for dialogs also
Various minor text- and layout changes

No more drag and drop from one subject to another
Create correct name when drag and drop onto subject
Create correct URL-info of source when drag and drop
Fixed bug when deleting multiple subjects
Show correct document when entries has been deleted
Increased speed when saving documents
When drag and drop plain text as new entry content will be indexed now (10.3.9)
Import folders as subject in empty databases
Fixed crash related to drag and drop, check for valid content
Use preselected type when drag and drop content from Safari
Fixed bug related to subject index (for increased speed when reading entries)
Avoid unnecessary temporary files, saves disc space
Remain creation date of imported documents
Show correct modification date
Show toolbar icons enabled and disabled in the right way
Enable tab switching of user interface elements in conjunction with pictures, PDF and web content
When selecting a PDF as entry go to first line (10.4+)
Delete web history when selecting another webcontent
Show alert when saving of webcontent is impossible
Fixed crash when saving webcontent
New entries created from webcontent get URL-title as name
Fixed bug when resolving URL-entries
Fixed bug when trying to get name from a Safari drag and drop
When saving databases old ones can be overwritten
Fixed bug when creating new databases
Don't overwrite previous search index when creating encrypted disk images
Only folders with enclosed folders can be choosen as databases
Fixed bug related to reindexing the search index
Fixed bug related to the status information
Fixed bug in export dialog
Set focus to entry table at startup when entry is selected
Save changed note
Fixed service menu
Reenable scrolling line by line
Remove unnecessary search option (kSKMaximumTerms) (10.3-10.3.9)
Show all search results, not only the ones with a ranking of one or more
Set file counter to zero when reindexing has finished
Esc works when creating new databases
Fixed localization of error messages
Show name in registration box
fixed bug related to scrollbars

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