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InBooklet adds printer spread functionality to Adobe InDesign.

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Updated: 10 Nov 2005
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InBooklet adds printer spread functionality to Adobe InDesign. InBooklet will impose pages both as saddle stitched and perfect bound publications and provides control over margins, gaps, bleed, creep, and crossover trapping.

InBooklet also gives you the ability to impose multiple documents from an Adobe InDesign Book, thus eliminating the single document imposition limit. Also you can save settings as an InBooklet style thus providing consistency and ease of use across documents.

InBooklet has the ability to impose documents either directly to a postscript printer, postscript file, or a new Adobe InDesign document.

When printing or saving via postscript InBooklet will not rearrange any of the pages in a document - rather reordering is handled in the print stream yielding not only quicker but more reliable results.

When InBooklet creates a new Adobe InDesign document, the objects from the source document are copied and positioned in a newly imposed document, which includes InBooklet's printer marks. This newly imposed document is fully editable, and behaves no differently than any other Adobe InDesign document.

Here are some key features of "InBooklet":
Impose from both Adobe InDesign documents and books.
Choose from the following imposition styles: 2-Up Saddle Stitch, 2-Up Perfect Bound, 2, 3 and 4-Up Consecutive.
Control plate margins, gaps, bleeds, crossover, and creep.
Save settings as styles for later use.
Start an imposition at any page.
Create a newly imposed document.
Specify specific pages and/or spreads to impose.
Preview your imposition prior to printing.
Set printer marks for crop and registration.
Print using standard Adobe InDesign controls.

What's New:
At times InBooklet would drop pages when printing documents in excess of 60 pages. Fixed.
Pages with transparencies would not print correctly when printing from the book palette. Fixed.
A crash would occur when creating new documents with tables containing spline alignment justifications. Fixed.
Creating new documents with text boxes containing spine alignment justifications do not always match the original document. Fixed.
Paragraphs containing a spine alignment attribute and another attribute such as a drop cap will reflow after creating a new document. Fixed.
When creating new documents, paragraphs that are split between threaded text frames that contain certain paragraph attributes would reflow after the text links were cut. The paragraph attributes that would cause the reflow are: Fully Justified Last Line Center Alignment, Fully Justified Last Line Right Alignment, Last Line Indent Right, Align First Line to Grid when Baseline Grid is applied to a paragraph, and Keep Line Options that include lines in the next paragraph. Fixed.
InDesign CS2 now supports setting a baseline grid to text frames, setting the document and text frame baseline grid to the top margin, and setting margins on a per-page basis. These various new features can cause page items that have text set to the baseline grid to reflow when creating a new document. To correct this, a baseline grid is set to the text frame to ensure the text matches that of the original document.

Adobe InDesign
2.0.2, CS (3.0.1),
CS2 (4.0).

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