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EasyFlow brings 'Automatically Insert Pages' to Adobe InDesign.

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Updated: 04 May 2006
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EasyFlow brings 'Automatically Insert Pages' to Adobe InDesign.

When working with long documents, InDesign does not automatically create new pages and link the text frames across spreads - EasyFlow does! Even if you have multi-box text chains on your master pages, EasyFlow will link in the new pages automatically.

EasyFlow saves anyone who deals with multi page text flows the tedium of manual linking, and is an essential tool for the production of books, catalogs, directories and other types of long documents.

EasyFlow can be enabled and disabled for individual documents, via the 'Auto Flow Master Text Frames' menu option.

EasyFlow will only insert new pages and link master text frames - text frames that are present on master pages. For 'facing pages' documents, or spreads containing multiple pages, ensure that the text frames are linked across the master spread (i.e. across each page on the spread).

When a master text frame is overset, EasyFlow will insert as many new pages are required until the text no longer overflows the box.

EasyFlow will add a new menu option to the 'Layout' menu ('Auto Flow Master Text Frames')- use this menu to enable or disable EasyFlow's automatic insertion of pages. This preference, like most InDesign preferences, can be set with no document open (making it the default behaviour) or can be stored against individual documents.

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