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ImageSorter was created to organize folders containing images efficently.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1203K
Developer: Camp Software
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Updated: 12 May 2006
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ImageSorter was created to organize folders containing images efficently.
ImageSorter allows you to organize image folders with ease.

First, select a folder containing images. The names of the images will appear in the list below the button.

Second, add a list of destination folders where the images will transported. Next, decide if you want to move or copy the images from the image folder. Moving the image is set by default. Trashing an image is another option. There is no undo, so be careful.

After your folder of images and destination folders are set, select an image and click the folder where the image should go. If the image is moved, it will be removed from the image list and the first remaining image will be automatically selected. If the image is copied, the image will not be removed from the list.

If the window is resized the image area will expand and the image will scale up to 100%. Also, the destination folder space will be expanded displaying additonal folders.

In order to make it even easier to sort images, type the key listed within the brackets in the destination folder area instead of using the mouse to click the folder. A destination folder can be removed by holding down the option key in addtion to typing the folder key.

Here are some key features of "ImageSorter":
Move or Copy - Images can be either moved or copied from the image folder..
Resizeable, scaleable image area - You can resize the window as large as you like and the image will scale up to 100% in size.
Sorting with the keyboard - The first thirty six destination folders can be used by typing the associated key. The keys start with numbers, and continue on with letters.
Unlimited Destination Folders - You can create as many Destinaiton Folders as you like.
Resizeable Destination Folders List - When you resize the window, you can have additional destination folders.

Startup delay.
Registration screen.

What's New:
Fixed crash when clicking trash button when no image is selected.
Also added ability to remove a folder from the destination list by holding down the option key when typing the folder key.

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