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Autographer is an award winning webware product.

License: Shareware
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
File size: 62K
Developer: Visual Steel
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Price: $25.00
Updated: 31 Jul 2006
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Autographer is an award winning webware product. Simply posting the application to your website and uploading your folders of JPEG's, your images are instantly online!

They are presented in an elegant interface, scaleable from any size image, with thumbnails, auto generated image galleries with folder titles, and built-in slide show.

Dynamically load folders of images:
Autographer has the ability to load multiple directories of jpeg images either by a standard naming convention or by automatically scanning the file directory.

Images are scaled and positioned:
Images larger than 600 X 450 are scaled to fit, all images are centered to the interface automatically.

Browsable automatically created thumbnails:
Thumbnails of every image within a directory are created on the fly. The thumbnails and be scrolled through moving the mouse over either end of the thumbnail strip. The more thumbnails, the faster the ability to scroll through them. Clicking on any thumbnail displays that image.

Zoom and pan images:
Images larger than 600 X 450 can be zoomed by using the zoom slider. Pressing on the image and dragging the mouse will move the image. This allows the ability to see very detailed images and eliminates the need to resize images before posting.

Any name for your images or galleries:
If your server has the ability to do directory indexing (let's you see the contents of a directory) you can use any name for your images or directories. Autographer has the ability to scan the file structure if allowed to. This features get's you up and running instantly.

Display image and gallery title information:
The name of the current directory and file are displayed in the control bar.

Control fading between images:
The speed of intervals between slide transitions can be controlled by the fader slider.

Manually jump to any image or gallery:
Images or directories can be selected by pressing the buttons to either side of the current directory or file. You can click directly on the current number of either directories or files and type in the directory or file you would like to jump to, clicking anywhere loads your section.

Slide show all your images, even while loading:
Even if you have a large amount of images in a directory you can immediately start the slide show even as additional images are loading.

Ability to load countless images:
Autographer is industrial strength and has the ability to support hundreds upon hundreds of images as well as hundreds of galleries. The performance of the application will not be hindered by the amount of images. Be sure format your images as you would for your website.

Here are some key features of "Autographer":
Dynamically load folders of images.
Images are scaled and positioned.
Browsable automatically created thumbnails.
Zoom and pan images.
Any name for your images or galleries.
Display image and gallery title information.
Control fading between images.
Jump to any image or gallery on the fly, or manually input image or gallery number.
Slide show all your images, even while loading.
"Basic" mode detects images as fast as "netactive" mode.
Ability to load countless images.

What's New:
Complete UI change, view thumbnails outside of image area.
Preview all images in a gallery on load with auto scrolling thumbnails.
Core foundation changes to slide show functionality.
Access thumbnails even in slide show mode.
Registered users can control fade interval .
Multi-bit character support for file and folder names.
No branding elements.

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