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Goldgeier is a gold-digging game for 1 to 4 players.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: Mac-Yun-Soft
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Price: $19.00
Updated: 18 Aug 2006
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Goldgeier is a gold-digging game for 1 to 4 players. It can be played alone or with up to 4 players.
Your mission is to dig down that mine and try to find as much gold as possible.
To go up or down you need ladders which you can purchase in the store.

Sometimes, a spot is blocked by rocks. You can blow them up using the dynamite, also available in the store. And then there's water. You need a diving-suit to pass that. Also available in the store.

The boots are especially useful, you can walk faster with them. Or the backpack, which enables you to carry more ladders. Choose wisely what you purchase, since those items are quite expensive stuff. Remember: The player with the most gold wins at the end. It's tricky and it's fun!

In the shareware-version, you can't buy the diving-suit. This makes solving some levels impossible. However, you can play the game and see if you like it.
The full version does not show any annoying messages or delay-screens.
The full version saves your highscore when playing a 1-player-game.

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