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Your Doulber Mission: Collect diamonds within a specified amount of time then find the exit.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Phelios Inc
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Updated: 06 Feb 2006
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Your Doulber Mission: Collect diamonds within a specified amount of time then find the exit. Pay careful attention because scattered in many levels of Doulber Gold are secret exit doors that allow you to bypass the normal exit and enter into a hidden level filled with only bonuses. All monster malices are removed but that does not necessarily mean you are free from danger. Also, try to find the puzzle levels!

Doulber Gold is an arcade game with monster guards, menacing bats, crushing boulders, blazing lava and a labyrinth of caves.

Puzzles have a completely different goal. You must first find a key, then the door in which the key fits. The puzzle levels look like other regular levels and can be played like them, but if the challenge is taken on, you’re expected to solve the puzzle without any instructions – If you succeed, you earn a mega bonus! In addition, the only way to solve some of these puzzles is to use a meditation maneuver, which is up to the player to discover. Some puzzle levels are in secret levels, making them even more elusive…

Fill Your Free Time with FUN
Doulber Gold is the best way to fill your time gaps with a game jam-packed with satisfaction. Whether you have an extra ten minutes or ten hours, stick with Doulber Gold and you’ll find you can play a level or two then later pick up from where you left off because Doulber will remember where you were. But beware; you’ll be tempted to play for hours and hours (and hours!).

Explore the Game Variety and Surprises
With Doulber Gold you have a choice. There’s a variety of game play within one level. Perhaps one day you’ll play through a level. Then later play it again and realize there was a secret door that took you to a hidden level. On another day, you may revisit that very same level and discover there was yet another magical exit in the hidden level that involved finding a key and it’s corresponding door that took you to another phenomenal puzzle level!

Here are some key features of "Doulber Gold":
Play all 100 levels of crazy mazes, tricky caves in 6 worlds of ultimate fun
In addition to the 100 levels, solve more than 30 secret levels and puzzle levels (games within the game!)
Discover all bonuses and monsters
No more reminders to buy the game. Whew!
30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked!
Wonderful State-of-the-Art Design and Graphics
Free game secrets to hints and Easter eggs
Wide selection of levels and variety of game play for all ages
Entertaining game play for the whole family
Free upgrades
Pleasingly fun sounds and cool visual effects
Free support for games and technical issues
Free hints with level solutions
Talk with other gamers like yourself about Doulber Gold on the Phelios Forum! Share strategies and scores. Make new friends.

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