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Glass Writer Pro 2 isn't quite like any other writing software you've ever used.

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Updated: 27 Mar 2006
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Glass Writer Pro 2 isn't quite like any other writing software you've ever used. It doesn't look and feel like it was put together by an auto mechanic. Care to take a peek at some of its many moods and faces? Notice the clean, uncluttered look. Yet it is powerful.

It has features which are especially useful to writers who have to manage large amounts of text. If you're writing an epic novel with a large cast of characters, complex plot lines which you need to go back and refer to, then GWP2 is for you. Will your word processor allow you to see and edit two chapters at the same time?

Will your word processor allow you to set bookmarks at different scenes, in different chapters?

In addition to cut and paste, drag and drop, GWP2 has a useful feature which allows you to shift the position of text around. It's called Swap Copy and Swap Paste.

Two versions are available, one for iBooks and 12" PowerBooks and one for 15" and 17" PowerBooks and desktops.

Here are some key features of "Glass Writer Pro":
Uncluttered, attractive interface with 18 different themes
Side-by-side simultaneous chapter editing.
Log window shows how many words per day and average word count
Progress bar
Multiple drafts
Reads back text to help find errors.
Chapter word count, book word count
User-editable tabbed notes
Swap copy and paste
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30 days trial.

What's New:
In addition to two minor bug-fixes, it adds among a couple new features a wider variety of text-to-speech voices as well as the ability to use Cepstral voices.
A last minute bug in the b (small screen version) has now been fixed-- 3/25/06 14:30 Pacific Time.

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