FaxSTF Server 10.8.0 review

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FAXstf Server simplifies fax management for Mac offices everywhere.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 23K
Developer: Smith Micro Software, Inc.
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Price: $399.00
Updated: 21 Aug 2006
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FAXstf Server simplifies fax management for Mac offices everywhere. Universal Binary Version support for Mac OS X!

Here are some key features of "FaxSTF Server":
Remote Administration: Configure and control the server using any web browser from anywhere on the Internet.
Fax from Anywhere: FAXstf clients can send faxes via the server on a local area network or over the Internet.
Expandable: Easily upgrade your server license anytime to add FAXstf clients as necessary.
Multiple Modems: Utilize multiple lines and modems on server machine (requires OS X 10.2)
Network Address Book: FAXstf network clients have access to a network address book on the server - in addition to their own address books.
Network Cover Pages: FAXstf network clients have access to network cover pages and page headers on the server - in addition to their own.
Fax Routing: Remotely route received faxes to FAXstf clients anywhere on the Internet.
Remote Viewing: View and/or delete received faxes via a web browser before deciding which faxes to route to FAXstf clients.
Client Restrictions: Control the faxing capabilities of all FAXstf clients
Easy Connections: FAXstf clients can access the FAXstf server using Rendezvous or static IP addresses.
Multiple Administrators: Create as many administrator accounts as necessary - even administrators that can only route received faxes.
Web Based Administration: FAXstf Server can be administered from anywhere on your network from an easy to use web based interface.
Airport Extreme: Supports Airport and Airport Extreme networks, in addition to conventional 10/100BaseT Ethernet.

What's New:
FAXstf now supports fax attachments. When sending a fax from the FaxPrint printer driver or from the FAXstf Pro application you can now add additional documents to be attached to it. The file formats that are supported as fax attachments are: PDF, JPEG, GIF, PICT, EPS, TIF, PNG, PSD, RTF, RTFD, TXT, and DOC.
The FaxPrint printer driver is now a CUPS printer driver.
The FAXstf installer will now install and configure the FaxPrint printer driver for you. It is no longer necessary to launch the Printer Setup Utility to manually add FaxPrint after installing FAXstf.
An issue was resolved that prevented faxing a multiple page document to multiple destinations.
The FAXstf Pro install is now no longer able to function as a client to the Fax Server product.
The minimum system requirement for FAXstf Pro is now Mac OS X 10.3.9 or newer.
$399, 5 clients
$599, 10 clients
$49.95 per extra Net client
$59.95 per extra Pro client.

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