FAXstf X 10.5.3 review

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Everything you need to reliably send, receive and manage faxes.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 3960K
Developer: Smith Micro Software
Price: $0.00
Updated: 27 Jul 2005
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Everything you need to reliably send, receive and manage faxes. At the heart of FAXstf X is a powerful, smartly designed new browser that handles all your faxing needs in a single window.

FAXstf X effortlessly allows you to view multiple documents at once, sort faxes, create your own subfolders for easy storing and reference of sent or received faxes.

Even Email a received fax automatically to any email address. It is a reliable, easy-to-use solution for serious faxing demands. Once you have experienced FAXstf X, upgrade to FAXstf X Pro to add many new powerful features such as auto-print, email a fax, Microsoft Entourage and Palm Desktop address book support, and Quick Fax.

Here are some key features of "FAXstf X":
Auto Print
Automatically print received faxes

Auto Email
Automatically forward received faxes to any email addresses - great for receiving a fax while you are on the road!

Auto Execution of AppleScript
You can customize your Mac to alert you to incoming faxes and much more!

New Address Books
Support for Microsoft Entourage and Palm Desktop.

Cover Page & Page Header Editor
Built right into FAXstf Pro, no need to use external programs to set up cover pages

Full AppleScript support to automate faxing from other applications and much more!

Email Fax
Email any fax with one click!

Improved Quick Fax
Now you can preview your Quick Fax before sending

Auto Update
Now you can received the latest FAXstf updates automatically

Full support for Apple’s newest Mac OS X 10.4

New Browser Interface
Quickly manage all aspects of sending, receiving and storing faxes from one convenient location. Our Aqua interface mirrors email applications for familiar ease of use.

Fax From Any Application
Send a fax from virtually any document-based application. Simply select FaxPrint as your printer to turn your Mac into a fax machine

Customizable Browser
The folder structure of FAXstf Pro is fully customizable so you can easily create archives for your important faxes

Group Faxing
Featuring tight integration with the Mac OS X Address Book, send faxes to multiple recipients with a single entry.

Quick Address
Quickly enter a fax number that may not be in your Mac OS X Address Book.

Quick Fax
To send a short 1-page fax directly from FAXstf Pro. No need to launch another application—great for a single-recipient or when you are in a hurry.

Address Book Lookup
When receiving a fax, FAXstf Pro will search your Mac OS X Address Book for a fax number that matches the remote station message of the person faxing you. The person’s name will be displayed during fax receptions.   Fax Schedule
Faxes can be scheduled to be sent at a later date

Fax Notification
From the FAXstf Pro icon in the Dock, you can quickly see how many unread faxes you have in your Inbox

Fax Modem Detection
Unfamiliar with fax modems? FAXstf Pro will detect and configure any fax modem that also supports Mac OS 10.2

Multiple/External Fax Modem Support
Support for the Apple internal fax modem and Mac-compatible external USB fax modems

Fax History
To make fax management easier, FAXstf Pro provides historical information about any sent or received fax

Activity Log
Listing of transmission activities that is preformatted so you can save it as a tab delimited text file to be imported into a database or spreadsheet for accounting purposes

Locations, Locations
Create custom setting for different locations so faxing from the road is a easy as faxing from the office

Export to TIFF/PDF
Export faxes to TIFF, PDF and Fax formats. A familiar and easy way to export a received fax or store faxes in another file format for attaching to an email or to archive your faxes

Multi-User Support
Allows users of the same machine to manage their own faxes privately

Improved Image Quality
New high definitions for text and graphics

Manual Send and Receive
Only have one phone line, no problem, FAXstf Pro supports manual sending and receiving

Page Jump
Quickly go to any page in document

Fax View
View faxes at any size or rotate faxes

Automatic Fax Reception
Faxes can be automatically received on any number of rings and you can configure to not answer incoming calls

Automatic Fax Retries
Faxes that fail to go through for any reason will be automatically retried -- set the number of attempts and intervals between attempts

What's New:
Customizable spam fax filter
Search for contacts by name or number when addressing a fax or Quick Fax
Resend a broadcast fax to only those destinations that previously had failed
Add contacts directly to your Mac OS X Address Book from FAXstf Pro
Dial suffix and prefix fields available for advanced dialing
Faxes that are forwarded via the email feature now include the sender's contact info in the subject of the email.

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