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The developers at Razorworks wanted to put you in as realistic a war situation as possible, both graphically and technically.

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Updated: 22 Nov 2005
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The developers at Razorworks wanted to put you in as realistic a war situation as possible, both graphically and technically. The result is utterly superb. Not only will you need to master your chopper, starting at the ground school, you'll also be expected to take part in incredibly realistic combats, fighting against other aircraft and ground defence, while supporting the infantry in a common effort to win this war.

You're flying either the Boeing Sikorsky RAH-66 "Comanche", the latest in US produced warfare technology, or the twin-rotored Kamov KA-52 Hokum B "Alligator", the jewel of Russian next-generation attack helicopters. Your chopper is loaded with tons of weapons ranging from Euromissile HOT II to the Longbow Hellfire and the laser guide Vikhr-M air-to-surface missile.

You'll take either the pilot or co-pilot seat, leaving the other to the computer or another player, if you're playing on a network or the Internet. If you choose to, you will have full responsibility for dodging missiles and flying to your target area as close to the ground as posible - appreciating in the process the complexity of all the in-flight physics involved. Otherwise you will be in charge of the guns and making sure the targets are down before they can lock their rockets on you.

In order to win a campaign, a number of key enemy installations must be either captured or destroyed. A successful strike against one of these key installations has just been carried out and, as a direct result of this, a group of Comanches are sent to evaluate the damage caused. When the Comanches are within range of target, reconnaissance data is transmitted. The information shows that the enemy installation has been sufficiently crippled, and so a flight of Blackhawk assault helicopters loaded with Marines are sent to capture the installation.

Flying back from the recon mission, the Comanches are attacked by enemy AAA. The Comanches can either retaliate themeselves, or the can request assistance from friendly aircrafts in the area. A nearby group of A-10s is just returning from a close air-support mission and is happy to oblige. The Comanches land back at base and re-arm, but the base is running low on ammo, and so a group of transport helicopters are tasked with flying to a nearby factory to pick up supplies to restock the airbase.

In the meantime, the Blackhawks are approaching the enemy installation that is to be captured.

However the enemy has pre-empted this assault and a flight of Havocs are patroling the base. fortunately, the Blackhawks brought along an escort of Apache Longbows and are also aided by a pair of F16s, which just so happened to be operating in the area. Pretty soon, the enemy is overpowered and the Blackhawks land within the perimeter of the installation, and friendly forces are one step closer to winning the war.

Here are some key features of "Enemy Engaged":
Truly dynamic campaigns?
Oooh yes... The dynamic campaign system initiates a war between two sides with the complete range of ground, sea and air forces working together intelligently, making you part of a much wider scenario than the linear scripted "go there, do that" type of campaign.
Not a single event in a battle has been pre-programmed or scripted. The behaviour of the units (troops, 60 different types of ground vehicles, plus other aircraft and ships) and the consequences of their actions are modelled, meaning the events unfold by themselves.
Choose between 3 campaigns
Each one of these is based on an international warfare situation.
Outstanding graphics
The graphics engine is the same as the one in Apache Havoc (Razorworks' key technology), but with much improved textures and resolution, making the aircraft, cockpit, vehicle and battlefield views nothing short of stunning with attention to detail shining through. We ought to mention the quality of the sound as well - it's really immersive and adds to the awesome athmosphere of the game.
Realistic handling
You don't have to be an expert chopper pilot in real life to realise that the handling of both choppers "feels" right.
If you have experience in other chopper sims you will find the control and cockpit layout extremely user friendly. This said, Enemy Engaged is everything but a simple sim. It's actually quite complex, like all good sims, but it's also extremely accessible and you can find yourself flying in the middle of a battlefield in no time. The balance between complexity and fun is quite remarkable.
Anyone looking for their first flight sim will make an extremely wise choice by picking Enemy Engaged. The game has a lot of options that will make it easier for complete newbies to get used to what the hell is going on, while still getting the feeling that they're actually doing something in the game...
The impressive list of keyboard commands will delight the hard-core flight sim addicts, but hardly anyone will be able to master in one day (or even in a week) all there is within Enemy Engaged.

Minimum System Requirements (Macintosh)
Mac OS 10.2
PowerPC G3 600 MHz
256 MB RAM
Hardware accelerated 3D Graphics Card with 16 MB VRAM
350 MB free hard disk space
Mouse and Keyboard
DVD Drive
Recommended System Requirements (Macintosh)
Mac OS 10.3 or later
PowerPC G4 800 MHz
256 MB RAM
Hardware accelerated 3D Graphics Card with 32 MB VRAM
500 MB free hard disk space
DVD Drive.

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