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World War II Online is a flight war simulation game.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Cornered Rat Software
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Updated: 30 Jun 2005
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World War II Online is a flight war simulation game.
World War II Online is a combined arms, online simulation set in a relentless, action-packed 3D environment where players can command and crew a variety of accurately modeled vehicles, naval vessels and aircraft or sling weapons and fight as a foot soldier with and against thousands of other players.

World War II Online is the first and still only massively multiplayer first-person virtual battlefield that covers a 1/2 scale map of Europe with accurate terrain modeling. It allows thousands of players to fight 24/7 in a persistent world in which character advancement and career paths provide a rich RPG layer and strategic systems are driven by player missions and command structure.

Here are some key features of "World War II Online":
Combined arms operations in the first online virtual battlefield
1/2 scale map of Europe- the biggest online world ever!
Thousands of online players in a 24/7 persistent world
First person perspective in all game play
Character advancement and career paths for rich RPG layer
Strategic systems driven by player missions and command
Historically accurate weapons, aircraft, tanks, trucks and more!
Groundbreaking physics and damage modeling.

WWII Online is a paid subscription service and you need to provide valid billing information as part of the sign-up process.
The monthly subscription rate is $14.99USD but you will not be billed until the conclusion of any included free trial.

World War II Online G4 700MHz+
Mac OS X 10.1 or later
512Mb Memory
32Mb Video Card
Joystick may be required for some vehicles.

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