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Brings system monitoring to your Tiger Dashboard with monitors for CPU, Memory, Network, and Disk I/O.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 503K
Developer: Gaucho Software
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Updated: 03 Aug 2006
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Brings system monitoring to your Tiger Dashboard with monitors for CPU, Memory, Network, and Disk I/O.

Users can choose between three different ways to view the information. The text view shows a basic listing of the statistics. A simple view shows bar charts representing the system resource load. Finally, a graphical view will display a fully imaged graphical interface of what is happening on the system.

Dash Monitors is great for users who would like to run a system monitor but do not want to sacrifice any screen real-estate while working.

Monitor Modes
There are 3 modes for each of the monitors: text, simple, and graphical. The text view mode shows a very simple text view of the resources being used and is beneficial because it takes very few system resources to generate the statistics. The simple view mode is the original view from Dash Monitors 1.0, and includes simple bar charts to show statistics in a graphical way without th eye candy. The graphical view mode, while taking more CPU resources to draw all the monitors, displays a fully imaged graphical interface to what is happening on the system. Text summaries are provided with the monitors in simple and graphical mode to provide the exact data along with the graphical approximations.
Open Source
Dash Monitors takes advantage of MTK for all of the statistics it gathers. MTK is open source and can be downloaded from the Gaucho Software Open Source pages. Look for more features in Dash Monitors as MTK is more fully developed.

30 days trial.

What's New:
Fixed several bugs and made some speed improvements:
Converted Graphic CPU display into an image set which will speed things up from using a canvas.
Made sections of the code more robust (canvas drawing in particular).
Fixed a bug when registering the widget while still in the trial period.
Fixed a bug that would cause Dash Monitors to crash after logout/login or a reboot.
Added robustness to the interface between Dash Monitors and MTK.
Added a daemon mode to MTK, so if Dash Monitors unexpectedly quits, MTK will die along with it.
Added support to MTK for more complex datasets, will be used for future monitors.

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