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XLR8 MAChSpeed Control - OSX supports all XLR8 CPU upgrades, Apple ZIFs and most third party upgrades with 100% assured compatibility and performance.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: XLR8
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Updated: 28 Dec 2005
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XLR8 MAChSpeed Control - OSX supports all XLR8 CPU upgrades, Apple ZIFs and most third party upgrades with 100% assured compatibility and performance.

• System tuning. Works around a variety of processor errors in early G3 and G4 CPUs
• System Information. Ensure accurate CPU details in Apple System Profiler, and Applications
• Advanced AltiVec Support. True across-the board compatibility with AltiVec applications.
• CPU Startup Speed Management. Available on 750 FX/GX CPUs.
• System 9 through Mac OS 10.4. Supports, by far, the widest range of CPUs available.
• Reset Mode. Allows the user to reset to defaults, if the CPU/cache fail at high speed.
• Improved XPOSTFACTO support. Extends compatibility to older systems with OSX installed.

• Improved Memory / Cache Performance. Uses faster settings to maximize performance.
• Semi-automatic Cache. Allows user to choose from tested “safe” speeds.
• Dynamic CPU Speed Switching. Available on 750 FX/GX CPUs as found in the iBook G3 and on high-speed G3 upgrades. This feature changes the CPU speed on the fly via software (750 FX/GX only).

Testing And Reporting:
• Automatic CPU/Cache Profiling. Exclusive system profiling and initialization at startup.
• Factory Retest on Restart. Allows the utility to re-profile and test the cache on every restart.
• Active CPU/Cache Test. When opened, the utility performs a looping CPU/Caches/RAM test.
• Dynamic Status Information. Provides real-time updates of speed, CPU, and caches.
• Thermal Monitoring. Will alert you if overheating occurs (750 - 7410 CPUs only).
• Memory. A memory overview (with optimization) is available on Beige G3 and earlier machines.

Simply install and reboot. The smart cache features test your CPU and stabilize your system immediately. Checking statistics is just a click away. Open the interface to perform an active test, check settings, change Cache configuration or check RAM. Note: Does not support dual CPUs.

Here are some key features of "XLR8 MACh Speed Control":
Virtual Firmware Support - ensures full compatibility on older “unsupported Macs”.
Full Compatibility in Jag, Classic and “Unsupported Systems”.
Advanced AltiVec Support - an XLR8 MAChSpeed Control exclusive.
MVP Support for Maximum XLR8 upgrade performance.
CPU Temperature Scan monitors and warns automatically.
Automatic cache testing, profiling and initialization at startup.
Interactive cache and CPU testing when the utility is open.
Automatic control recovery - smart enough to reset on system errors.

What's New:
Version 3.4 adds Mac OS X 10.4 compatibility.

Single CPU Apple Systems with or without CPU Upgrade Cards.
Software Compatibility: 
MSC - OS9: System 9.0.4 - 9.2.x
MSC - OSX: System 10.1 - 10.4x.

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