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Cricket is a simulation of the internationallyknown game of the same name.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 2K
Developer: G.E. Randall
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Updated: 19 Jul 2005
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Cricket is a simulation of the internationallyknown game of the same name. Play on theside of England or India, and see who wins thechampionships.

There really isn't any tutorial tospeak of, so a working knowledge of cricket isneeded to play. Features include well-drawngraphics and maps, a large scoreboard, and theability to save your games.

This is ademonstration version of a larger program withmore features, so the number of "overs" youcan play is limited.

Here are some key features of "Cricket":
Defend, drive, sweep or cut the ball anywhere around the ground
Noballs, overthrows and wides - Dropped catches
Possibility of being stumped off the spin bowlers
Replay camera for those controversial lbw, runout and stumping decisions
Trouble hitting the ball? Use the Bowling Machine with settings to match all types of bowling
Option to declare
Select the line, length, spin and speed controls for each ball
Selection of next bowler at the end of an over
Move the fielders to any position
Use up to 2 slips or move them to other fielding positions
Tired of bowling? Use the Auto Play mode to sit back and watch the Mac batting against your bowling attack
Show the names of the fielders. Show the names of the fielding positions
Statistics for batting, bowling and team performances continuously updated as games proceed
League table to show the most successful teams from the games played
Runs per over and partnership graphs updated continuously
Complete set of international teams and selection of each team from squad of 15 top players
Teams are Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies, Zimbabwe
Up-to-date bowling and batting averages for all players
Game play
Test Match or limited overs option
Single player game - play against the Mac
Two player game - one player bats using the mouse and the other player bowls using the keyboard
Save and reload games.

In the full version of Cricket, each team can be selected from a squad of 15 players and you need to assess the bowling
and batting performance of the players to improve your team's performance.
Batsmen with lower batting averages are more likely to give catches as they try for runs - and make sure
you rest your bowlers from time to time so they can keep up a good line and length.

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