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Counteragent is an application designed specifically for use with EIMS Server X on Mac OS 10.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Jett Fuel Productions
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Updated: 29 Jun 2006
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Counteragent is an application designed specifically for use with EIMS Server X on Mac OS 10.3/10.4. Counteragent enables virus filtering by using ClamAV to scan mail received by EIMS before it is delivered to local mailboxes or sent out to other servers.

Counteragent uses a modified version of the EIMS Interceptor Filter X. When a message is received by EIMS via SMTP, it is handed off to Counteragent. Counteragent then invokes ClamAV to scan the email and Counteragent takes action (based upon Counteragent's preferences) when an infected or suspicious email is found. MIME attachments are automatically decoded/scanned and compressed files are also scanned.

Counteragent automatically checks hourly for updates to the virus definition files and installs them when new versions are available.

What's New:
In addition to virus scanning using ClamAV, it now features spam scanning via SpamAssassin.
The "Spam Threshold" is configurable and there is a "Can Spam" threshold above which a message would not be delivered.
It also has whitelisting by Sender Address, Recipient Address, or Sender IP Address.
Spamtrap addresses can be specified and mail to these addresses is immediately learned as spam.
You can train the Bayes database by redirecting mail to special Spam Training and Ham Training addresses.
Messages scoring as spam can be handled in three different ways: Add Spamassassin Headers, Rewrite Subject and Add Headers, Send a Spam Report with the original message as an attachment.

Mac OS X 10.3 or later
EIMS Server.

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