Auto Reply EIMS Plug-in 1.4.4 review

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Auto Reply is a plug-in for EIMS 2.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 116K
Developer: MCF Software
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Price: $50.00
Updated: 25 Apr 2006
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Auto Reply is a plug-in for EIMS 2.x and later. It allows you to specify a set of users for whom a one time auto-reply message should be sent.

Auto Reply EIMS Plug-in keeps a list of all email addresses that the message is sent to, and will only send the message once to any one address.

This avoids the mail loops that can occur using the auto-reply support built into EIMS, and is easier to administer than other external solutions.

What's New:
Added support for always sending an auto reply for a user. By putting a '!' as the first character of the subject of a reply, all messages for that user will be sent an auto reply. The users sent the replies will still be tracked.
Fixed a bug that would falsely match email addresses where the name is a subset of a name that is set for an auto reply (ie would get the same auto reply as, even if didn't have a reply set up.

EIMS 2 or higher. Will not work with EIMS Light.

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