Combat Mission Updater 1.1.2 review

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Combat Mission 1.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 5834K
Developer: Big Time Software
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Price: $14.00
Updated: 08 Jul 2004
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Combat Mission 1.1 Updater fixes the following:Tanks use betterhull-rotation logic.

Gun accuracy is somewhathigher at long range.

Firing ordnance whilemoving is less accuratethan before.

Quick Battleshave a new"unrestricted"force type.

Pillboxes haveslightly better'reaction time' andare slightly lesseasier to spot atlong range.

It is also somewhatharder to hit theirfiring slits fromlonger ranges.

Smoke usage logictweaked.20mm gun inLynx cannot fire onaircraft.If both sides haveglobal moralebelow 25%, abattle will endimmediately withan enforcedcease-fire.Various majorbug fixes

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