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This 2 x 2 weeks of fully functional demo of CLC Combined Workbench 1.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: CLC bio
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Updated: 19 Dec 2006
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This 2 x 2 weeks of fully functional demo of CLC Combined Workbench 1.0.1 aggregates all DNA sequence analyses of CLC Gene Workbench and all protein sequence analyses of CLC Protein Workbench.

All analyses are fully integrated in one single, user-friendly, and intuitive software application.

Here are some key features of "CLC Combined Workbench":
Some analyses are
Assembly of DNA sequencing data
Advanced primer design
Molecular cloning
Automatic SNP annotation of sequences
Secondary protein structure prediction
Integrated 3D molecular view
Signal Peptide Prediction (SignalP)
Transmembrane helix prediction (TMHMM)
Protein family analysis (PFAM)
2 types of alignments
Motif search (known patterns)
Pattern discovery (unknown patterns)
Batch processing of multiple analyses in one work-step
Dot plots
Hydrophobicity analyses
Antigenicity analyses
Searches on GenBank, SwissProt, TrEMBL, and PubMed
Detailed log of actions/analyses performed.

4-week fully functional demo.

What's New:
Fixed rare cases where doubleclicking annotations in an alignment resulted in a wrong selection
Fixed dialog when stopping BLAST runs in the process area
References to BLAST databases are updated due to changes on the NCBI server
Corrected check for 3' end heterogeneity when predicting specific reverse primers based on an alignment.

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