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Cacidi Extreme Suite CS2 is the most advanced and yet easy to use standard software available for automating graphic design.

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Updated: 20 Jan 2006
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Cacidi Extreme Suite CS2 is the most advanced and yet easy to use standard software available for automating graphic design. Whether you produce catalogs, brochures, pricelists, business cards or other single or multipage documents containing text, image and barcode content, with the obvious advantage of avoiding tedious and repetitive tasks like copy pasting and local formatting text, manually importing and scaling images and barcodes as well as updating content for future productions, Cacidi Extreme Suite CS2 is the tool of choice for businesses with a demand for optimizing time and budget in their graphic production flow.

Cacidi Extreme Suite CS2 is developed exclusively for Adobe InDesign®, the professionals layout application, and extends it's manual feature-set to high efficiency automated production.

Cacidi Extreme Suite CS2 offers four different production methods of choice, allowing any type of job the most suitable production flow.

The production methods included with Cacidi Extreme Suite 6.0 CS2 are:
- Step'n Repeat method
Create one single either simple or advanced design with Adobe InDesign®, save it as a Cacidi Extreme Item Design and have Cacidi Extreme automatically produce as many content variable objects as number of records in your source file. The Step'n Repaet method is very often used for productions like business cards, mail merges, price tags, labels, etc.

- Pre-defined method
Combine as many Cacidi Extreme Item Designs as you like on a single page or queue of pages (catalogs), and build your automated documents totally controlled by the designers choice of layout. Very often used for brochures and catalogs with a page range from 1 to 50 pages, where the designers general overview is in charge of the production flow.

- AutoCalc method
Using the AutoCalc method allows a production setup partly driven by the designers full creative freedom combined with a database setup for arranging records in groups, select pre-defined Adobe InDesign paragraph- and character styles, define Cacidi Extreme module use, etc., that will let Cacidi Extreme automatically disposition and arrange the layout in the Adobe InDesign® document. The AutoCalc method is very often the better choice for production of extensive catalogs, pricelist, manuals, brochures, etc., typically involving from 50 pages up to thousands of pages.

- Update method
The Cacidi Extreme Suite Update method applies to all the methods above. No matter what type of production method a first build of your document is based on, the Cacidi Extreme Update method will at any time let you progressively update text, image and barcode content in your layout as changes apply to the data source. Practically all Cacidi Extreme customers utilise the Update method when publicising future editions of their first automated productions.

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