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iStopMotion is the ideal supplement for your Digital Hub.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 6578K
Developer: GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH
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Updated: 14 Dec 2006
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iStopMotion is the ideal supplement for your Digital Hub. Used by educators, professional and amateur film makers all over the world to create astonishing work, iStopMotion is the tool of choice for Stop Motion Animation (aka. Claymation) and Time Lapse Recording.
Based on Apple?s QuickTime Technology, iStopMotion can also be used in professional environments.

The captured frames are stored uncompressed so that the raw material has the highest possible resolution. Professional tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut can be used for further editing.

As part of your Digital Hub, iStopMotion is also fun for daddy (or mommy) and the kids. Get a Lego set or your favorite action figure, hook up your digital camera to your Mac, get iStopMotion and start doing your own fun stop motion animation or time lapse movies.

What's New:
Apple Remote Support (Tiger only)
The Apple Remote shipping with the fairly recent Macs can now be used to navigate the movie (Left and Right key of the remote, hold keys to jump to beginning and end), toggle play (Play/Pause) and to capture images (Menu button).
PowerUser feature: Quickly capture any number of frames using the numeric keypad (HR version only)
You can now use the keys 1 to 9 and 0 on the numeric keypad to capture any number of frames from 1 to 10 directly in one go. Use the "*" key on the keypad to bring up a small floating window that allows you to enter any number of frames (up to 1) to be inserted into the movie.
Opening an empty movie on Intel based Macs would cause a crash.

Mac OS X v10.3 or newer.
(Mac OS X v10.2.x users please stay with iStopMotion 1.5,
Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" users please get version 1.8.1 or later.)
QuickTime 6.4 or newer, QuickTime 6.5 or higher strongly recommended
Graphics Card with OpenGL support
Supported camera
USB/FireWire Webcam with QuickTime driver.

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